Meet Melissa

My name is Melissa and i'm a professional photographer based out of the Kansas City area! I specialize in Custom Maternity, Newborn, and Babies First Year Portraiture! As most of you know i have a special love of newborns, i take working with your little one very seriously. So much so that i have taken the last 5 yers and put every being of myself into the Art of creating beautiful images of you and your little one! I have trained with some of the best and most experienced in the industry when it comes to safety, posing, soothing, lighting, styling, and the list could go on forever! So much more goes into getting the perfect image of your newborn, attention to all the little details and combine and then create an heirloom image that was frozen in time just for you, if only for a moment.

Matt and Melissa 2015.jpg


My approach and style to photography is simple and natural! I love to capture in all of their beauty the pure perfection that is your little one right now because everything will have changed by tomorrow. Through my passion and experience with photography i will capture your little one as they are in that moment and you'll have these memories to cherish and look back on for generations to come! It is my absolute number one goal to provide you with not only an amazing product but an amazing experience from the very start all the way to the very end!

it's not about the picture you's about the story you tell.