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Sweet Baby Brooke

Oh my goodness little Miss Brooke was a total sweetheart to me for her newborn photography session in my Kansas City studio!!!

It was an absolute pleasure to get to meet Brooke and her entire family! Her family were some of the sweetest people i have ever met! You could feel every ounce of love they had for one another and it was pretty amazing to see and feel! I felt so honored to be apart of their life if even only for a couple of hours!

Miss Brooke did absolutely amazing for her newborn photography session and i was able to get some pretty amazing images of her! I mean they are breath taking, she was such a gorgeous baby and i adored her so much!

Newborn sessions are best booked in your second trimester to ensure i have availability and so i can give you a one of a kind experience! Ready to go ahead and book your newborn session? Just go right here!

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Introducing Sweet Baby Brooke!!!


Baby Sofia | Newborn Photography Session | Newborn Photographer | Liberty Missouri

Oh baby Sofia how absolutely gorgeous you are!! This little girl totally stole my heart!!

Baby Sofia was my first newborn session after my fabulous 1:1 mentoring with the wonderful Nicole Smith Photography! (A blog post about that wonderful experience will be posted at a later date!!) To say that i was in love with how this session turned out would be an understatement!

I've been called the baby whisperer by my clients simply because of my ability to gently calm and soothe unhappy babies! However,sometimes when my little lovies have upset tummies there is absolutely no baby whispering going on in my studio because some little lovies just are not having it! Sometimes in cases like baby Sofia we have to reschedule the session. I couldn't imagine letting people pose me and move me around while my tummy hurt really bad,and in my studio baby's well being and safety are my number 1 concern!

This is exactly how little Miss Sofia's session was.Poor baby had some tummy troubles so we ended up rescheduling! So thankful for her sweet momma for bringing her back for another visit with me!

Before her second session i sent Sofia's momma my newborn session prep list and breastfeeding nutrition guide,this is something i send to all of my newborn session clients to better prepare them for the session,it also helps ensure a successful session!

When these two guides are followed to a T the sessions usually go pretty amazing,i can't stress enough how important these two guides are for the success of the session!

The second session with Miss Sofia was an absolute dream and i could not have asked for a better baby,she was absolutely perfect and her images tuned out beautifully!

Here are just a few of my favorites!

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                                                            xoxo Melissa